Mitomania dc: February 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tips For Be Pregnant

This one is for women to get pregnant tips for wives or partners who have not been blessed with children, according to the headline I read earlier blog disebuah a surefire strategy for women to get pregnant quickly, unfortunately my wife has not been able to practice because I myself have married alias still single.

pregnant tips
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Tips For Pregnant Women Can & How To Can Pregnant Women. But if you are a wife or a husband who crave the emergence of child decorate your family life with tears, jokes and laughter. Therefore, perhaps the following 5 tips can help.

Of course the 5 way this works can not, because people can only do their best, but the decision in the Almighty Hand of course, kind thought we should hopefully be successful.

Okay no need to elaborate please read these 5 tips in order to get pregnant quickly:

1. Praying For Wife Pregnant Fast

Pray before doing all the tips below, because by praying together with the business, then the result is more than perfect.

2. Perform Intimate Relationships Wife Husband Wife Nose At Increased Sensitivity.

According to research if a woman went through a phase where sensitive smell the smells, so it was easy in terms of ovulation or fertile conditions. Well, do not waste this opportunity, make love to her and do not forget to read the prayers first.

3. Patience Needed To Solve Pregnant Opportunity Fact That Only 15 Percent of Each Month

According to the research said women age 30 and above usually takes 8 months and have sex as much as 140 times in order to get pregnant, but only 15 percent die each month, therefore needed patience to face this problem and certainly pray.

4. Dental and Oral Cavity order to Pregnancy

Like you, I myself just found out, that the terms of the condition of women in order to get pregnant is healthy teeth and oral cavity. Health and hygiene area, it is also worth noting. According to research that gum infections are one of the triggers of preterm delivery or fetal death, but it could potentially weaken the sperm that will fertilize the female egg. Therefore keep the cleanliness and health of the oral cavity and teeth, besides, your husband would fondle her lazy if your mouth smells, not you?

5. Foreplay or heating

Also according to the research, men long foreplay before ejaculation will output 25 million sperm. Therefore Increment duration of foreplay, which is also recommended as a great way for women to get pregnant easier.